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The Art of Fragrance Meets the Science of Scents.

What We Offer & What We Do

Custom Scent Development
We'll take you through a one of a kind journey, a DNA assessment if you will, to create a unique scent that speaks to you, and only you.

Upon completion, we will have created your brand's logo in the air: A well crafted ambient scent is an invisible influencer that envelops you, whispers a brand's message in a deep, meaningful, and indelible way.

Scent Marketing Inc. Custom Scent Development Ingredient Photo


Choose from our curated Aroma Library We have a robust curated Aroma Library of scents to bring your business or home to life perfectly. We'll walk through a series of questions to understand the atmosphere, feelings, and memories you are aiming to evoke and will match you with a scent that perfectly speaks to your brand.

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