There are two main reasons why your Luxe, Ridged & Sleek Diffusers may be not be working, either low battery or clogging.


Occasionally a diffuser's tube can become clogged from a high-quality scent oil's viscosity. To remove clogging and restore diffuser to normal capacity: 

  • Remove scent oil from bottle, and replace it with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.
  • Run the diffuser as normal to let the alcohol permeate through the unit for about an hour.
  • After remove alcohol and place your scent oil back in the diffuser. Then use as normal.

Make sure your diffuser is fully charged

  • Make sure the outlet you are charging your diffuser from is providing power.
  • We recommend charging the diffuser for two hours to ensure that battery is fully restored - then turn on. You may also leave unit plugged in.
  • If diffuser is still not running, there may be a battery issue and we will replace unit for you.


After you've checked these issues out, please contact us and we will take the next steps, assuming your diffuser is in-warranty.