How do you know you're getting the original version of the fragrance?

ScentFluence luxury collaborations including diffusible oils, candles, room sprays, hand sanitizers...are the ORIGINALS sold with the permission of the companies themselves. They were developed by Scent Marketing Inc (our parent company) in collaboration with the brands themselves.  

TIP: When our competitors use word like "inspired by", "similar" or "just like" to describe their scented products, they are not selling the authentic originals, steer clear of these words to ensure authenticity. 

How long does a 4oz bottle of scent oil last?

The length of time your bottle of scent oil will last is dependent on a number of factors beginning with the type of diffuser you are using, and how frequently you use it. Some diffusers have settings to adjust diffusion frequency and timing, which will also effect how long your bottle of oil lasts.


    Are your scents natural, safe and clean?

    Our exclusive scent formulations are clean and exclude all potentially harmful ingredients. Paraben-free, synthetic-fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, petroleum free. Click to read our CLEAN SCENT ETHOS

    That means minimizing irritants and no unnecessary additives—better for the planet and better for you.

    Like you, at ScentFluence we care about our planet. We coordinate with the industry regulatory organizations such as IFRA and RIFM to ensure all our ingredients are responsibly sourced.

    IFRA is also at the origin of a Code of Good Practice for Manufacturers and standards for the use of fragrance ingredients, with three types of self-regulation:

    • Prohibition: bans on the use of some materials
    • Restriction: rules on the quantities or maximum dose to be used or the products in which certain materials can be used
    • Specification: other conditions on the type of material

    The RIFM Database is the most comprehensive, worldwide source of toxicology data, literature and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials.


    How long will my Sleek or Luxe diffuser stay charged?

    The length of time a fully charged Sleek or Luxe diffuser stays charged varies somewhat dependent on usage. It is estimated at 80 hours, but frequency of use and cycles play a part. 


    What is your most popular scent?

    While we find everyone loves different scents, there are some that are more well known and therefore popular. 

    Our luxury and hotel collab diffusible oils, candles, room sprays are hugely popular. Partly because they were created specifically for the well known and beloved brands we have developed them for. 1-Hotel Kindling scent is currently one of our top sellers, coming up close are Arlo Hotels Deep Wood, then Baccarat Resorts + Residences Fireside. 

    After those, people seem drawn first to what they know, like: Peaceful scents in our Floral + Green category like any of our Lavenders, Fresh, clean, and energizing scents like: Mint Focus, Fresh Blue, and Fresh Linen, or something citrus like Pink Grapefruit. 

    However, we hope you won’t limit yourself to what you already know. If you are nearby stop in our aroma design studio and explore the 5 scent categories and over 65 unique scents.


    How do I keep the scent on all day?

    All scent diffuser disbursement are different. 
    • Our Blue-Tooth app programable diffusers can adjust to incremental settings including time, day, and disbursement via your phone

    • Some diffusers can be set to stay on for up to 3 hours at a time with adjustable disbursement cycles
    • Our small space diffusers can stay on for up to 2 hours

    • Small space plug in diffusers stay on until you unplug them.

    What is your return policy?

    • We offer a 6 month warranty on our Sleek, Luxe, Ridged, and Cube diffusers. If repairs are needed they are fully covered within the warranty period. However, we do not cover shipping. 
    • Our Bluetooth models SMI 301, 450, 701, Flex pump boxes, and 3500, have an 12 month warranty. Shipping is the responsibility of the owner.
    • Monthly service agreement diffusers are automatically repaired or replaced
    • We do not accept returns on scent oil.


    What is the difference between choosing the HVAC and stand-alone unit?

    • A stand-alone scent system should be placed near a power outlet and scents the surrounding area. An HVAC installed diffuser is connected to the location's HVAC. It is out of sight, scenting the areas the HVAC lead to.

    Do you ship internationally?

    • Unfortunately, due to extremely high international rates, taxes, and cost to process we currently do not ship internationally.  

    What is the best scent for my home or business?

    Scent is a personal thing, however there are some scents that lend themselves to different types of settings and moods. The best scent is the one you like the best and sets the right tone for you. If you need some help visit our SCENTS BY ROOM page, and see some of our suggestions.  Or if you’re nearby our studio in Scarsdale NY stop in and experience our full range of ambient scents.: 

    FRESH + CLEAN: Relaxing or uplifting. These scents have a clean vibe. They are often enjoyed in spas, bedrooms, home-gyms, and bathrooms.

    CITRUS + FRUITY: Scents that spark energy and bring a smile. Depending on the selection, these are often found in the same places as the Fresh + Clean scents but add kitchen are to your consideration.

    FLORAL + GREEN: A range of single note heady and luxurious bouquets to more. Enjoy these fragrances anywhere you’d enjoy a room full of flowers: entryway, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms.

    WOODY + SPICY: Cozy, natural, and rich. These scents tend to be more hearty and earthy like a walk in the woods. We suggest these scents are perfect for a family room, a den, bar area, or entryway.

    GOURMAND: Imagine your favorite flavors in the air: dark vanillacinnamon wafflesbaked goodschampagnebourbon, and more!!

    Luxury + Hotel Collabs: A collection of brands we’ve collaborated with to develop their unique scents, candles, room sprays….). 

    What are your business hours and location?

    Visit our ScentFluence in Scarsdale, NY
    Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 5pm EST (hours subject to change)


    Additional Questions?

    We are always happy to talk scent and diffusion. For quickest response contact us via our live chat button on our site. Responses to most questions will be answered during our general hours (Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm) as timely as possible. During off hours, our goal is to answer as time permits. For development clients please Contact us via email.