Filling, Charging, + Diffusion Settings

It's important to open your scent oil bottle over a safe sturdy countertop. The oil can spill and stain. If you get oil on your hands, make sure to wash with soap and avoid touching your eyes or elsewhere

FILLING (view link)

  • Push the button on the diffuser’s bottom to pop out the interior bottle
  • Remove the bottle and unscrew the spray-nozzle top with it’s attached straw
  • Fill the oil into the bottle and reattach the spray-nozzle top
  • Re-insert the bottle-nozzle setup into the diffuser base with the 2 arrows touching.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you've filled your bottle with scent oil, DO NOT turn diffuser sideways or upside down. The oil will leak out and damage the diffuser.

It's important to fully charge your diffuser before your first usage (or keep your diffuser plugged into wall power outlet)

  • It takes 6 hours to fully charge
  • When the indicator light at the plug port is fully on (lit without flashing), your diffuser is fully charged.
  • Your diffuser will work once charged without the cord, or if plugged into power source.
  • When fully charged the working time will vary dependent on the settings you select. 72hours, 16hours, 8hours (see box instructions)



The ON/OFF sensor is found at the top of your diffuser
Gently place your finger on the circular sensor and hold it in place steady til the diffuser turns on.


SETTING usage TIME ON/Turn off: 

Our luxe table-top diffusers can be set to disperse scent for
1, 2, (3) hours, or continuously. Our sleek diffusers can be set to diffuse 1 or 2 hours)

  • Place your finger on the power sensor to select 1, 2, 3 hours, or continuous.
  • Tap the sensor again at any time to shut your diffuser off.


Tap the other sensor button to chose your cycle.
Within each level of intensity your diffuser will turn off and on depending on your select to provide the level of scent you like in the air. Adjust it to your preference.

Low intensity = 15s on, 165s rest
Medium intensity = 60s on, 120s rest
High intensity =  120s on, 60s rest

Visit our page to troubleshoot issues with your diffuser via this link

If you need additional help, please contact us