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  • Push the button on the diffuser’s bottom to pop out the interior bottle
  • Remove the bottle and unscrew the spray-nozzle top with it’s attached straw
  • Fill the oil into the bottle and reattach the spray-nozzle top
  • Re-insert the bottle-nozzle setup into the diffuser base with the 2 arrows touching.

To fully charge your diffuser takes 6 hours.
Your diffuser will work if plugged in or once charged without the cord.
When fully charged the working time will vary dependent on the settings you select. 72hours, 16hours, 8hours

Place your finger on the circular power button at the top and hold it in place. You do not need to push the button, only place your finger on it for a moment.

SETTING TIME ON: 1, 2, 3 hours, or continuous.

Tap the power button select 1, 2, 3 hours, or continuous.
Tap the button again at any time to shut your diffuser off.

Tap the other circle button to chose your cycle.
Within each level of intensity your diffuser will turn off and on depending on your select to provide the level of scent you like in the air. Adjust it to your preference.

Low intensity = 15s on, 165s rest
Medium intensity = 60s on, 120s rest
High intensity =  120s on, 60s rest


Often customers mention they don't see mist coming from the diffuser. It's important to note, seeing it only happens in certain lighting. What you need to make sure is if you smell it.

Make sure your diffuser is fully charged for 6hours ahead of use.

MAKE SURE YOUR DIFFUSER ALWAYS REMAINS UPRIGHT WHEN OIL IS INSIDE THE BOTTLE, otherwise your diffuser will become damaged and we cannot cover that damage.

If you no longer smell scent coming from your diffuser, it's possible the straw/nozzle is clogged.

To unclog:

Empty oil from the bottle
Fill the bottle with rubbing alcohol and turn the device on, letting the alcohol run through it for a couple of hours.