Scent Marketing Inc is a leading authority in the art and science of scent marketing and branding.

Launched in 2007, as one of the first of it's kind to market. Scent Marketing inc. is a full-service scent and sensory marketing company, creating signature ambient fragrances for luxury resorts & boutique hotels, retail chains, fitness studios, museums, as well as other environments in order to cultivate an atmosphere that invites customers and guests, crystallizes brand values and enhances brand experiences. (To learn more about our journey, top-notch client list, offerings, leadership, pricing, or anything else email us at )

In 2020, Scent Marketing Inc expanded into the consumer market, with it's first retail location. 
At ScentFluence Aroma Design Studio, nestled in the downtown of Scarsdale village, NY. individuals can now find an ambient scent that enhances their homes and lives. Customers step into our delightful jewel-box store filled with an extensive scent library to inspire any mood, occasion, or preference. A collection of diffusers high and low-tech are available for each room size or spatial need. Other products available at the studio include luxury candles, room sprays, soaps, lotions and more.
With so many unique diffusible options scent lovers are challenged by the need to select just one scent. The good news is, having a different scent in each room is something many customers enjoy, as well as switching their scents up from time to time to reflect their mood or season. 
If you're ever in Westchester, NY we hope you'll stop in for a tour of our ambient scent library. Come talk to us about your joy of scent. We love getting to know people and their favorites.
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Caroline Fabrigas

Caroline Fabrigas is the CEO of Scent Marketing Inc., a full-service Scent and Sensory Marketing company that has fast become a leading authority in the art and science of Scent Marketing and Branding. A native of the U.K., Fabrigas arrived in the USA in 1980. Since then, Fabrigas has risen through the ranks of the beauty industry holding key positions with some of the top beauty brands in the world. My passion for beauty was, in part inspired by my mother, who was an avid skincare user and user of fine fragrance. Also, one of my favorite subjects at school was chemistry. I was naturally attracted to the beauty industry as it combined equal parts of art and science. I've had the great fortune of working with many of the world's best beauty brands and most esteemed leaders. With my strong foundation forged with Estee Lauder, I then had the opportunity to go on and work with CHANEL, LANCÔME, and CLARINS, PRADA, and co-creating FARMACY Beauty to name a few of the amazing companies I was honored to be a part of. 

Caroline Fabrigas Scent Marketing Inc. CEO