Most answers to your questions can be found in the box your diffuser came in.


Fully charge before using.
When fully charged the LED light will be solid red or green.

Most diffuser problems we see are due insufficient charging
When fully charged the LED light will be solid red or green.
Please check to confirm your power outlet is providing the proper charging prior to sending your diffuser back for exchange.

Filling your diffuser
Press the button at the bottom of your device.
The diffuser nozzle/nebulizer and bottle setup will pop out from the top.

Unscrew the nozzle/straw from the bottle and pour in your oil. Only use scent oil that is developed for cold-mist diffusion like the scent oils we sell here. Do not use other types of oil like essential oils, or the diffuser will likely clog.

Reattach the nozzle/straw setup to the bottle, then re-insert the bottle nozzle setup into the base. Make sure to align the arrows on the top of the nozzle and on the base. If you do not, scent will not diffuse and the bottle will get stuck.*

**The bottle MUST BE ATTACHED to the nozzle/straw setup when reinserting it into the base, or the nozzle will get permanently stuck and will be unusable. We can not replace diffusers that have a stuck nozzle due to improper usage.

**Stuck bottles or nozzle/setups outside warranty and will not be replaced. 


Not smelling anything?

Double check that the 2 arrows at the top are "kissing"

If that is not the issue, your diffuser may be clogged. This generally happens when using scent oil or essential oils not properly calibrated for the device. Or using your diffuser a lot over time. To possibly help unclog we suggest 2 options. 

  • Remove all oil from the bottle and place rubbing alcohol inside.
    Run the device across a few cycles 3 hours or more.
  • Soak it in warm water with dish detergent overnight
  • Check that the straw is firmly connected to the nozzle

If none of these tips work and you are still in warranty, please email us at to receive a new nozzle/bottle component. Should this not work, we will replace in-warranty non-working diffusers with similar or same style based on availability:



Video demonstration of setup for Bluetooth, and HVAC (SMI 3500) are available upon request. Contact or via our chat on the home page of this site.