USB Plug-in |  scent diffuser
USB portable plug-in scent diffuser available at ScentFLuence

USB Plug-in | scent diffuser

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A wonderful unique stocking stuffer, or memorable smaller gift. Perfect for smaller spaces — USB plug-in scent diffuser. (shown with Mint Focus scent oil sold separately)

Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite scent oil onto the scent pad, then plug it into any USB port (your car, computer,...), wait for the scenting to begin, that's all.

An easy-to-use plug-in scent diffuser is great to get started or for smaller spaces. 
It's surprisingly powerful and great to help you start scenting.

Plugs into any USB port.
Think car, computer, or if you have an adapter, plug it into the wall.

Great for small spaces up to 150sq ft


  • Apply 10 drops of our scent oil to included pad
  • Insert pad into device
  • Insert device into any USB port
  • Reapply scent as needed